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Symptoms of Coeliac Disease and Gluten Intolerance

I first began to work out the root cause of everything that was wrong with my health when I discovered that wheat had been linked to all my major health issues. It was only when I started researching the link with gluten though that I discovered that ALL my issues Read On..

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What to eat when you can’t eat anything?

I went on a course today where lunch was provided.  I filled in the dietary request form weeks ago when my place on the course was booked and received confirmation of the arrangement. However there was nothing provided for me to eat.  They were very apologetic but the request had Read On..

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Boiled Eggs for Breakfast Again!

Last night I worked late, got home late, eventually eating a frittata with my daughter at about  8:30pm.  Very nice, tasty and there was enough left over for breakfast this morning. During the night I woke up periodically with the feeling that a cold was coming: runny nose, congestion.  On Read On..

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Gluten, Gliadin and Prolamins

We hear a lot about gluten and coeliac disease but there is a lot more going on that isn’t so well known. Prolamins are one of those lesser known things. Gluten contains gliadin which is the prolamine in wheat which is responsible for coeliac disease. About 1% of the population Read On..

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Give us this Day our Daily Bread

Bread, or at least the wheat from which it is made, is ubiquitous in the modern Western diet.  You want street food?  The burger, hotdog, kebab will arrive in some kind of bread; the fish will be battered and the sauce will be thickened.  Even if you just want the Read On..

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