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Taking Stock

There comes a point in everyone’s life where in order to keep moving forward you have to take stock of where you have come from. To turn around and to admire the view. To reflect on the journey so far. Having done very little on this blog recently I think Read On..

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Vitamin K Deficiency and Bleeding Gums/Nose

Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin which was first named in Germany- Koagulation vitamin – because of its role in the clotting of blood. It was first identified in 1929 by a Danish Scientist, Henrik Dam, who was experimenting with feeding hens a diet deficient in cholesterol. The hens Read On..

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Zinc and Good Health

Zinc is more important than we may realise Zinc was not something I gave much thought to as a young adult until as a Chemistry student I to attended a lecture by Professor Derek Bryce-Smith. The topic was the importance of zinc in the diet.  Professor Bryce Smith was convinced Read On..

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