What to eat when you can’t eat anything?

I went on a course today where lunch was provided.  I filled in the dietary request form weeks ago when my place on the course was booked and received confirmation of the arrangement.

However there was nothing provided for me to eat.  They were very apologetic but the request had not made its way through to the catering team.

At the end of the summer holidays, on that compulsory shopping trip for school uniform my family were desperate for some lunch, preferably of burger and chips.  When they realised that this meant watching Mum sipping a cup of black coffee watching them: rebellion.  If I wasn’t going to eat then neither were they and nothing that I said would persuade them that it was ok for me to miss a meal.image

We did find somewhere to eat eventually.  It had hidden wheat, brought on a nosebleed and left me wondering what to do in that situation in the future.

That future was today and, predictably, I had done nothing to prepare for it.

So, starting tonight, I am going to pack some long life snacky bits into my bag. Halva bars have too much sugar in them for me to eat too often but they last a long time and are filling. A snack pack of nuts or dried fruit will fill a gap and prevent companions feeling uneasy about eating. I suppose that in certain circumstances, a tin of fish might be acceptable and wouldn’t be too heavy to carry around.

There must be other options of things to eat when there is nothing to eat – any suggestions?

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