The Gluten Summit – a busy week

Monday the 11th November saw the start of The Gluten Summit, an eight day extravaganza of 29 interviews with the World’s leading experts on gluten and Grain Brain by Doctor David Perlmutter dropped on my door mat.

What to do first?

I’m sure you will understand when I say that it was a busy week! Working full time and listening to four interviews a day called for dedication. Tuesday and Wednesday, eight of the interviews were rereleased for an encore so Grain Brain had to be put on hold until Thursday! Yes, it has been a memorable, information filled, exciting week. Many thanks to Dr Tom O’Bryan for such a detailed event. It has changed my life and I suspect that it has changed many others. There is a link to the introductory page here where, if you scroll down, you can see the list of speakers and outline information about their talks. Transcripts of the talks along with copies of the interviews were made available as a complete package to buy and my Dear Husband (DH) has bought it for me as a Christmas present.

Normally I am pretty good about waiting for Christmas presents but I have already pestered DH to release one of the transcripts.

On Monday the 18th one of the interviews was with Dr Umberto Volta. Dr Volta has been researching Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) for the past 5 years and I intend to devote my next blog post to the material covered in Dr O’Bryan’s interview with Dr Volta. Listening to him talking, everything fell into place. NCGS is what has been plaguing me, it now has a name and I have a strategy for dealing with it. Reading the comments being posted, several other people were having light bulb moments at the same time. One commentator even suggested that NCGS was too tame a name for something which causes so much angst and that it should be renamed Volta’s Disease in recognition of Dr Volta’s work.

So last week I put some of the advice gleaned from The Gluten Summit into practice; cutting out sugar and eggs for four weeks which will effectively leave me with an elimination diet, and I feel great. Previously I have always felt that I hadn’t quite got to the bottom of my problems. I felt better but the nosebleeds and other symptoms continued although not as bad as they were when I was eating gluten and dairy. The brain fog has completely gone and it feels as though my brain has come back. It is no longer at the other end of a long corridor, wrapped in cotton wool with headphones on listening to loud music. My brain is back in my head and it seems to be working properly.

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